5 Cool Balloon Decorations For Your Child's Birthday Party

Balloons have long been mainstays of children's birthday party decor and for good reason: they're fun, colorful, festive, and kids love them. Instead of simply blowing up some balloons and letting them float around the room, why not take your decorating to the next level and hire a party decoration company to create cool balloon decorations for your child's next birthday party? Here are five great balloon decoration ideas to consider:

Balloon Archway

A dramatic and colorful archway made from balloons is the perfect way to greet party guests, setting the tone for a fun party. This can be a small indoor archway or a much larger and more dramatic outdoor archway if you're having your child's party in the backyard. The balloons can match your party's color scheme, or you can opt for a colorful rainbow-style arch that will be especially pleasing to small children.

Balloon Animals and Sculptures

Talented balloon artists can make sculptures from balloons in the shape of various characters. If your child has a favorite cartoon character or animal, be sure to have this included. Smaller balloon animals and sculptures also make great party gifts for kids to take home.

Balloon Flowers

A sweet idea is to have your party decoration company make "flowers" out of balloons. Simple daisies can be made with a yellow balloon in the center surrounded by white balloon "petals." More elaborate bouquets made from several flower-shaped balloons can also make very charming decorations.

Balloon Centerpieces

When weighted down by flower arrangements or other small but heavy objects, balloons can make great table centerpieces. Not only do balloon centerpieces look festive, but since only the ribbons hang down, they don't block guests from seeing and talking to each other across the table like a lot of other centerpieces do.

Balloons with Photos

A simple idea is to have a grouping of balloons hanging from the ceiling, with photos attached to the ribbon. These can be pre-printed photos of your child with family or friends or Polaroid photos of your child's friends from the party that you attach to the balloons as the party progresses. Some balloon artists can even print photos of your child onto the balloons themselves.

By hiring a party decoration company to create elaborate and fun balloon decorations for your child's next birthday party, you will have a memorable birthday party that will delight kids and look amazing in photos. For more information, contact Life O' The Party or a similar company.