3 Ways To Celebrate Latin Music

Latin music is rich in rhythm and catchy beats, and pays tribute in many ways to traditional sounds of Spain and Portugal, as well as Latin American countries. Rich in a background of mamba, merengue, and even salsa, Latin music is exciting and invigorating to listen to. If you want to explore Latin music for yourself and gain an appreciation for this unique sound, you want to really get to the heart of the music. Here are 3 ways you can celebrate Latin music so you don't just listen, but get involved in the beats you hear.

Watch music videos

Once you watch an authentic Latin music video, you will get a great sense of what this style of music is all about. Color, expression, sexuality, and inhibition is what many Latin music videos are infiltrated with. Popular Latin and Latin American singers, including Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, and Enrique Iglesias, all encompass what the traditional Latin music video represents. Get ready for pumping-good music, swift and gyrating dance moves, and a catchy beat that will have you moving yourself. You can find many such videos online, like on Vida Primo.

Listen to the classics

Much of American Latin music has a lot of pop music influence behind it, blending different styles of music to appeal to a North American audience. To really understand the base of Latin music, you want to listen to the classics from Latin America directly. Surprisingly, traditional Latin music is very romantic in style and even carries a hint of Caribbean flow. When listening to traditional sounds, you may even hear steel drums of Africa and other classic instruments, showing how influenced this cultural musical genre really is.

Explore the emotions

When you think of Latin music, you probably think of upbeat dance tunes that are meant to get you moving off your feet. Since Latin music is heavily influenced by emotion, you want to dig a bit deeper than the traditional dance beats you are familiar with. Listen to a dreamy Latin ballad or a brokenhearted tune in addition to the enthusiastic rhythms you associate with Latin music (both American and traditional) so you can get a true feel of what this sound is all about.

Latin music is rich in culture and history, and carries influences from many countries. There is always a surprising sound to encounter when you dig deeper than the most popular hits and listen to true beats that are straight from the original source. Celebrate Latin music and give your ears and soul a much-needed retreat from what you are used to enjoying.