3 Tips For Choosing The Right Kind Of Funny Wine Glasses With Sayings For A Bachelorette Gift

When a friend or family member is getting married, it can seem as if there is a never-ending cycle of gift-giving that you are required to engage in. From the bridal shower, the wedding itself and of course, the bachelorette party, gifts are an expected and often expensive part of planning a wedding . Fortunately, since bachelorette parties are typically a fun and informal event, you have the option of purchasing an equally fun and informal gift. One great option that could be used the same night is funny wine glasses and in that instance, it will be a good idea to think about the below information when doing your shopping.

#1-Consider Getting At Least Two Styles Of Wine Glasses

Although you are providing a fun gift, it is important to remember that they are still being used for the specific purpose of drinking wine. As a result, it is a good idea to adhere to the standard rules of buying good wine glasses

For instance, a white wine is typically served cold because many experts believe that when it warms up, its flavor can be compromised. That means that it will be helpful to have a smaller wine glass for fans of white wines. In comparison, red wines are already served at room temperature, so it is appropriate to serve them in larger glasses. For both, don't plan to fill the cups up more than halfway, so that the wine can be swirled and the flavors do not dissipate into the air.    

Remember that although the intention may be to get drunk at the bachelorette party, everyone should still be able to fully enjoy drinking the wine. In addition, while the wrong glass by itself will not turn a good wine bad, it is generally thought to be a better experience with the right glass. Another bonus of using multiple types of wine glasses with funny statements is that there may be a bigger selection of amusing sayings to share with the other people at the party.  

#2-Keep the Decorations Simple And The Glasses Clear

If you have ever had a few glasses of more than one type of wine, you already know that it is easy to forget which type of wine you are currently enjoying. The solution for that is to use a clear glass. That way, it will be easier to be sure whether you are drinking a nice Chardonnay or a delicious Cabernet at a glance...because it can be challenging to sit up and peer into a half-empty glass by the end of the party.

In addition, the decorations on your glass will be easier to see when they are on a clear glass. When the point of funny wine glasses with sayings is to amuse those around you, there is no reason to make it harder on people to view them.

#3-Pick Wine Glasses With Sturdy Stems

Although the guest of honor will hopefully be allowing everyone at the party to use her new glasses at the bachelorette party, you also want her to be able to continue to use them in the future. As a result, plan to peruse the glasses with thicker stems.

Tipsy and drunk hands are not always the most delicate when picking up a wine glass. Therefore, it will be a good idea to only consider the wine glasses that present with both funny statements and thicker stems, so they are less likely to break.

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